Zazzle Tutorial

Ok, I go back and forth. In the past five months I’ve made about $40.00 on Zazzle.  Nothing earth shattering. I don’t advertise. If I were to choose between Zazzle and Cafe Press, I’d choose Cafe Press.  But, I have designs on both of them.  Both platforms are pretty much equal.  I like the stores in Zazzle better, but I like the design upload on Cafe Press better.  I hate the store feature on Cafe Press, but you make more organic sales on Cafe Press if you don’t concentrate on a store.  Zazzle started “rating” stores about four months ago and so many people decided that they were trying to push their designs out from the main catalog. My sales have gone down a bit, but I’m still getting something every month or so.  Doesn’t hurt to keep it going. It gets me a sandwich once in a while.  It’s not going to pay my rent.  Where some people market a lot and do very well, I’m not willing to market on this platform.  The amount you get per sale is very low and would not even pay for the marketing effort.  So, I will stay with organic sales.

2015 I like zazzle a lot.  I started playing around on zazzle in 2011 because I was in a crafty mood and so I just threw up some photos and graphics on mugs.  Then, as I often do with crafts, I tired of the project and moved on with life.  A year later, I felt crafty again returned to zazzle to have a bit of fun.  I discovered that, in my absence, I had earned $72 from selling various items during the year.  That was it for me.  I started designing a little more, made a little more and now I have 20 stores.  I just earned ProSeller which was easier than it should be.  Do I make a lot of money?  No.  Do I have a lot of fun?  Yes, I do.  I can pay a cable bill every few months.  Most of my stores were made in the past six months (2014), so this year is the first year that I’m basically ready for the holiday season.  I say basically ready because I could have more quality holiday items …. but I have to go to real work too.  With what I have done, I should make a bit.  If I don’t, I’m sure I’ll keep going because I enjoy categorizing and creating.  All together, I have over 6,000 products created in all of my stores.  Most were uploaded in the past three months.  You cannot make money by uploading five items.  Volume is the key.  One lady I read about makes it a daily habit to upload fifty designs a day.  I don’t have time for that, but it gives you an idea of what you’re up against.

The one thing I don’t really like is the forum has a lot of people from years ago claiming that they are now “full-time” zazzlers and have quit their jobs and now living fully off of zazzle.  The problem is that those claims are back a number of years and it seems to be from posts that are very old and no one new has made any such claims.  No updates from the people at all.  So, I’m a bit skeptical.  Regardless, I like working on the site.

Advice is that you don’t start to make sales until you have at least 500 products in your store.  I think that is a low number.

Also, your products most likely will not hit the search engines for a minimum of  3 months. So, the entire process is a long waiting game.  I must say that my oldest store does get the most traffic and also the most sales.   The newest stores are moving up though, but slowly.  I also throw a hodgepodge of items in my oldest store.  It is the catchall of products.  The stores are more targeted to each item.  Gift Wrapping Paper, for instance.

1.  Create your account

2.  Name your store

Your first store will be your main name for everything moving forward.  So, take care in selecting this name.

3.  Start to add products, you can organize later.