Promoting Products on Pinterest

Promoting your Products with Pinterest (the right way)

Without spamming.

To see if your products are on pinterest


1.  Give people something great to pin.  Create content people want to share.  Great product photography.

2. Make sure you have great lifestyle photography.  Beautiful pictures of your life and surroundings.  Place onto blog.

3.  Great content – DIY – tutorials they want to remember.

Example:  25 ways to wear a scarf.

4.  Video – you cannot pin vimeo videos – only youtube.

5.  Figure out what people are sharing

search for jewelry and see what people are sharing and uploading.

6.  Make easy for people to pin.

PINIT bookmark button.

Put pin it buttons where you have a lot of images.

7.  Wordpress Pin It Button =

Pin it on pinterest plugin. (This plugin will allow you to pin Vimeo videos.)

8.  Add pin it buttons. and look for pinit buttons for webpages.  You have to do it manually for each product.

9.  Encourage people to pin – remind people that if they like it to pin it on pinterest.