Update:  9/22/2015.  The technical support people did get back to me a few times.  I never did get this account up and running.  I tried pretty hard to solve the problems and then it just became too much to bother with.  In any event, I’ll keep the following information and maybe you’ll have more luck than I did.

  • You set your own price
  • You own your copyright forever.
  • Delivery costs are not included in the price of the item
  • Free to join and start a store

You will need to think up a really great name for your store and you’ll need a PayPal address.


Scroll down the home page until you see the word JOIN  or click here




You will have to confirm your password (be sure to check your spam box).

Then you’ll find the control panel for your new store along the right side of the screen.


Download by navigating to the page and right clicking over the image.


LAMP SHADE dimensions are 7559 pixels X 1890 pixels DPI 200  (37.8 inches X 9.45 inches high)


The first product I tried was a lampshade.  I used the template and created a png that was less the 35 megabytes as was required and I received this message.


I was using the SAVE FOR WEB feature on Adobe Photoshop.
I switched and did the FILE – SAVE AS and selected PNG from the format dropdown and the upload appeared to work.

Then fill out the name of your product.
Select your commission.
Fill out the description.
Fill out your tags.
Place a check to make it public.
Place a check to make it pinnable to Pinterest.
Place a check to accept terms and conditions.
Press Submit.


There is an easy to find support link at the bottom of the page.  Click on it and you’ll get nice form to fill out.  The thing I really liked is that the form allowed me to ramble on about my entire process and attempts to solve the problem and did not limit me to so many words as some forms do.  Much appreciated.

I ran into a problem that my design file appeared to upload properly, but then the picture of the image never showed up.  It was convenient to find and write to the support team.  It is now 8:15 p.m. 7/16/2014.  We will see how long it takes for them to respond.  It is like 1 a.m. in the early morning their time.  So, I’ll not reasonably expect a response until the morning.

I did get an automatic support ticket response in my mail.  Now to wait for the response.

7/19/2014  4:28 a.m.  Unfortunately, no sign of an e-mail from support.  I wrote another direct e-mail to support yesterday.  Will review e-mail tomorrow again.

8/5/2014 Well they finally got back to me last week after I wrote their support@ address.  They asked a question about the process of my account and I wrote them back and am still waiting for a response.

8/26/2014 Still have not heard back from anyone.  Still cannot successfully upload.




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