How to add / upload tshirt to

How to add / upload tshirt to

I just joined  I’m a member at other POD sites and have a lot of experience uploading and creating products.  However, I got stuck on the Society6 page and couldn’t figure out how to add my images to a tee shirt.  My store is Show me some love by linking me to your page or, even better, buy my stuff ;).  I have lots of student loans to pay off.

When I first joined Society6 and uploaded my first image, it automatically went live for sale.  The site does not give you the opportunity to review your product before making it live.

I did end up writing to the support team at Society6 and asked why I can’t find the t-shirt upload area.  I then received an e-mail congratulating me on becoming an artist at Society6 and telling me how to add more products to my line.  Here is the e-mail.


1.  Choose one of your products and keep clicking on the image of your product until you see the text that says ADD T-SHIRTS AND MORE in the upper left corner above your product image.



2.  Click on that link and you’ll be brought to a page that has more options

3.  Prepare you t-shirt image t

“. . .  select a maximum quality PNG or JPG (RGB Color) that is exactly 3300px (width) X 5100px (height).